Reference: Land Cruiser 80 Suspension

Time to Refresh the Rubber Bushings – Complete Overhaul

If you own an 80 Series Land Cruiser and have never replaced your suspension bushings, there’s a good chance you are due.  This is a big job and not for those who get easily frustrated.  Once you dig in you can’t really bail out as your Land Cruiser will be undriveable.  If your springs and shocks need to be replaced or you’re thinking about a suspension lift, this is a good time to complete that as well.  Caster corrections can also be adjusted at this time by purchasing offset bushings.  I ran Old Man Emu urethane bushings for 15 years, but just switched to Dobinson Rubber bushings for the 4 offset caster bushings during this job to compensate for my 2.5″ Old Man Emu lift, using heavy duty 850 springs up front, and medium, 860 springs in back.

The part numbers listed below are for a full suspension bushing refresh and there are 24 rubber bushings to replace in full.  Certain nuts and bolts are engineered as one time use, so they’ll need to be replaced with the bushings and part numbers are also listed below.  You will need a very powerful shop press to complete this job.  I used a 20-Ton Harbor Freight Hydraulic Press and it was barely up to the job, I’d use a bigger one next time.  You will also need Bushing Press Tools in the following sizes: 39mm, 49mm, 53mm, 60mm.  I used a combination of heavy duty sockets but did have to fabricate one size bushing press plug that I didn’t have on hand.  I’d recommend just buying the press kit from Wit’s End.  Whatever you use will need to handle at least 20 tons of force.

OEM Toyota Bushing Part Numbers and Quantities

  1. BUSH SUB-ASSY, LEADING ARM, NO.1 48702-60050 x4
  2. BUSH, LOWER ARM 48061-60010 x2
  3. BOLT HZJ80 90119-16003 x4
  4. BOLT HZJ80 90105-18006 x2
  6. BOLT HZJ80 90119-16003 x2
  7. BUSH,STABILIZE 90385-11021 x4
  8. BUSH, FRONT STABILIZER BAR, NO.1 48815-60070 x2
  9. BUSH SUB-ASSY, LOWER CONTROL ARM 48702-60040 x4
  10. NUT J790 90170-18007 x9
  11. BUSH SUB-ASSY, UPPER CONTROL ARM 48702-60031 x4
  13. BUSH, STABILIZER(FOR REAR) 48815-26020 x2

These are available from Toyota dealers everywhere but the best price I found was ordering from Cruiser Addicition.  These guys are friendly, fast and well versed in Cruiser parts.

Yellow highlights bolts and nuts are recommended to be replaces with the bushings.


Suspension Upgrade

Old Man Emu is the standard suspension upgrade for 80 series Land Cruisers but there are a variety of other options available depending on your end goals.  Slee Offroad sells a 4″ and 6″ lift but is overkill for most folks.  Two recent offerings are slinky springs and Icon Suspension.  Both are still new and very innovative.  The Icon setup in particular is getting rave reviews from the few folks that have it but the part numbers are hard to source and they build the parts to order and lead time was 6-8 weeks as of writing this.  I’m listing part numbers below for reference.

Icon Suspension – Part Numbers & Quantities

53005 (QTY.1) | 91-97 LAND CRUISER 3″ FRONT DUAL RATE SPRING KIT $279.95

53006 (QTY.1) | 91-97 LAND CRUISER 3″ REAR DUAL RATE SPRING KIT $279.95



53009 |91-97 LAND CRUISER BRAKE LINE KIT +3″ $149.95

56509 (QTY.2) | 91-97 LAND CRUISER 80 0-3″ FRONT 2.0 VS IR $159.95 /ea

56510 (QTY.2) | 91-07 LAND CRUISER 80/100 0-3″ REAR 2.0 VS IR $159.95 /ea

57801P (QTY.1) | 91-97 LAND CRUISER 80 0-3″ FRONT 2.5 VS RR PAIR $979.90 / pair

57802P (QTY.1) | 91-07 LAND CRUISER 80/100 0-3″ REAR 2.5 VS RR PAIR $979.90 / pair

57801CP (QTY.1) | 91-97 LAND CRUISER 80 0-3″ FRONT 2.5 VS RR CDCV PAIR $1239.80 / pair

57802CP (QTY.1) | 91-07 LAND CRUISER 80/100 0-3″ REAR 2.5 VS RR CDCV PAIR $1239.80 / pair